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Unitymedia is a cable provider available in Germany. Unitymedia is part of the bigger Liberty Global group.

Available Hardware

Unitymedia offers different sets of hardware bundled with their contracts:

Cable Specs

Unitymedia has deployed a Euro-Docsis 3.0 cable network. First field tests with Docsis 3.1 are undergoing. The PCP (Port Control Protocol) is not yet supported by the Unitymedia AFTR implementation.

AFTR Addresses

IP Address FQDN Area
2a02:908::1:4000 ???
2a02:908::2:4000, Kerpen, Düsseldorf
2a02:908::5:4000 Köln
2a02:908::8:4000 Dortmund
2a02:908::10:4000 Aachen
2a02:908::13:4000 Düsseldorf
2a02:908::33:4000 Düsseldorf
2a02:8071:2000:310::1 Mönchengladbach
2a02:8071:2000:312::1 Karlsruhe

Assigned IPv6 Prefix

Unitymedia assigns the following prefixes for Dual-Stack and DS-Lite accounts. It is independent of business or customer account.

  • NRW: /59
  • Hessen: /59
  • BW: /56

DOCSIS 3.1 Rollout

Unitymedia started testing DOCSIS 3.1 in Bochum in May 2017. The FritzBox 6591 is initially used. The Connectbox v2 should become available later.

Contact Information


  • NRW / Hessen: 0221 / 466 191 00
  • BW: 0711 / 54 888 150

Custom Hardware

Unitymedia provides support to activate customer-owned hardware based on the “Routerfreiheit” policy. Custom hardware can be activated by either calling the hotline or (better) using the customer service chat on the website. Please keep your customer account number, as well as the serial number S/N and CM-MAC (both should be provided by the modem / router vendor) at hand as it is needed in the process to active the hardware.